Saturday School: Dyslexic Stories

We all have stories from growing up dyslexic in the school system. Please share some of your stories in the comments.


Hey, JoyGenea here. So, one of my different thinking clients today, we had a lovely conversation about growing up dyslexic in the school system. This beats mine, by far one of the best little stories here. So, not only is this person dyslexic, got some ADHD, they decided to best help educate him, he needs to come in on Saturdays, but they don’t want him to feel bad, so they’re gonna have his little brother also come in with him. So, they start to receive the same type of additional reading support, his brother excels and far advances past him, and he winds up going in on Saturday to be reminded that his brother can read better than he can.

So, I know that the school systems are absolutely doing their best for us, and I thank them. I immensely thank the teachers, all of them. Man but- you have to admit some of these stories are a bit funny. Like they pulled me out of art classes and recess, the only fun I was having as a kid and then we look back and wonder why I hated school, well I didn’t have any fun! So, if you’ve got some great stories like that, I’d love to hear them, because we gotta laugh about this. It, it- we turned out ok, but it’s kinda funny. Thanks, I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity coach.

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