Sort Your Thoughts Through Talk- Dyslexia/ADHD Moment

It is not uncommon for persons with Dyslexia to be better verbal processors than written processors. Many talk through their thoughts. Don’t burn out your friends and family.


Hi, I’m JoyGenea, and this is your neurodiversity moment for today.

It’s about sorting your thoughts. So quite often, a lot of people sort their thoughts by writing them out. Those people excel immensely in school environments. For those of us with neurodiversities, dyslexia, ADHD, we often sort our thoughts through talk, that’s a different thing. It’s a different type of processing, a different part of the brain. But through conversation and through Co collaboration, which is very common and a very useful tool for people with neurodiversities in the ADHD and dyslexia areas, to work in, and process through, uses a different part of your brain, that conversation.

So, if you have a Co collaboration mind– is what I like to call it– and sort your thoughts through talk, make sure you’re not talking your partner to death. They love you, but it might be too much. Make sure that you have a variety of people, that you’re having conversations with, in your life so that you can Co collaborate with a lot of people and not burn out anybody all at once, because you have a lot of thoughts going on, so you need a lot of people to have conversations with.

So, thank you so much for checking in and this is your neurodiversity moment from Solutions by JoyGenea.


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