Stop labeling yourself and your neurodiversity as good or bad

Instead of judging yourself and your thinking as good or bad, try to see the value in your different thinking.


Hey, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach, dyslexic ADHD adults- those are my coaching people. Stop being so hard on yourself. Having a neurodifferent brain is not a good or bad thing. It just is. Observe how you apply the good and bad labels to the things happening in your life. What if, you could choose, and you can choose, a third option- neutral. Being a different thinker is incredible. It’s also challenging at times, and sometimes you might be the only person in the room who processes information a particular way or is thinking the particular way that you are. You might be tempted to label your thinking as bad, or that it doesn’t have value. I want to encourage you to not apply the good or bad labels to that situation, and instead just consider that it’s neutral and that how other people and everybody thinks, is neither good nor bad. It is all just kind of neutral, and by saying neutral I am saying that there is value of one sort or another from what others are saying and there is value in what you are thinking and saying also. So remember, we don’t have to apply the good and bad labels to things, situations, circumstances, we can instead just say, ‘You know what, this doesn’t feel good at this moment.’ Let’s say, ‘I don’t quite see all the value of this. I’m not going to label it good or bad or fight with it or become overly consumed by how amazing it is. I’m just going to be present. I’m just going to be in this moment.’ It’s a lot easier when you are not applying labels. So good luck, and I would be curious what places in your life you might be placing a lot of good and bad judgment and where there might be room for a little more of that neutral. I’m JoyGenea. Thanks for joining me.

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