Support Groups

I want to take a moment to thank our loved ones for all of their support and encourage connecting with local neurodiversity support groups.


Hi, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. Today I just want to reach out and thank, hug and squeeze if I could, our amazing family members and the people that support us, the people in school systems, the people in our community, librarians, all of the incredible people, moms and dads, aunts uncles, grandparents, random strangers that step up for us and champion forward dyslexic, ADHD, and people with autism, and really help to make it possible for us to get through the educational system and to figure ourselves out and to find a balance in the world.

I was just at a meeting recently for a local organization called A.D.A.M. there are a lot of groups around the world and around the country that specialize in helping to support families, friends, professionals, in the ADHD world, and that is what this group does. It is local. It was started by some passionate moms. It is continued now by passionate parents and loved ones of people that are neurodiverse, and I just can’t say enough great things about them, and if they were not around to be advocates for us and champions for those people that have yet, you know, to come forward but that are going to need their services.

So, I just- THANK YOU! Oh my gosh, thank you so much, and if you want to be part of something like that, I highly recommend you look around. If you are in need of something like that I highly recommend you look around. There are more than likely services or things that are around that will and can help you figure out your neurology and the best options that are available. So, thank you so much.

I’m JoyGenea. Go out there and say thank you to the great people that have helped you along the way. Bye now.

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