Thank You Elementary School Teachers That Are Learning Dyslexia Screening

Right now around the country thousands of preschool, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade teachers are being trained to screen students for dyslexia. THANKS to those teachers more young people will be identified early and given a chance to read in their Neuro skill set.


Hi JoyGenea here, International Neurodiversity Coach. And today I just wanted to express a huge, ginormous thank you to all of the preschool, kindergarten, first, second and third grade teachers out there in the entire United States.
Because right now what you might not understand if you don’t have a kid in those grades, is that right now a majority of the states have now made it mandatory that students entering preschool, kindergarten for sure, kindergarten through 1st and 2nd grade, that they do a dyslexia screening test with these each and every student.

This is ginormous for the quality of life that’s ahead of these young dyslexics. They don’t even know that, but they are asking this if teachers and it’s one more thing and teachers already do so much and I just really wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much for giving of your time, your talents and understanding when you are being asked to do this, what a difference it makes.

So if you don’t already know this, our brains, when we come into this world, have not already formed the neural pathways for reading. That is actually something that gets developed with time. That is something that happens while we are in school. And if those neural pathways, particularly for dyslexics, if those neural pathways go in wrong, if we are taught wrong and in a manner that is not beneficial for us. We cannot recarve those neural pathways. Our entire lives are then spent working through a pathway that isn’t proper or good for us and then trying to translate it over into an appropriate pathway. It’s huge and it’s ginormous in the life of a person. And so this dyslexic screening which is going to take 10 15 minutes for each student, but this dyslexic screening that’s coming up that’s going to be happening is incredible in catching that at a point where if it’s caught early enough, there’s– they can help to actually build the proper neural pathways for them to have great and successful reading skills, or at least better. And that changes the entire projectory of someone’s life. And so it it seems, I’m sure, annoying and a waste of time and you’re learning this bureaucratic stuff that legislators shoved down your throat. I wanted to put a face on it.

If my kindergarten teacher, I was so blessed. My kindergarten teacher had been teaching so long, she went, ‘That student doesn’t think like the rest.’ And I’ve seen it before and it’s a thing. And there are ways to do this better and they did not have all the right tools to help me, and my neural pathways are designed where I really have to work hard to read and to write and do those things. So I just know it can make a huge difference when someone’s identified. I can’t even imagine if I hadn’t been caught so young how it would have turned out for me.

So this is my huge shout out, my huge thank you to all of those teachers that are learning to do screening. Thank you for taking this on, you’re incredible.

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