That’s a three video learn

We were having a meeting with the co-owners of my app company and they were talking about a programing software and one of them said, “that’s a three video learn.” He knew that within three videos he could have the knowledge he needed to achieve his programming goal. This is the next level of training and learning. Video! We are mixing how we learn things. We sign up for classes or go to some place to learn (school, retreat, community ed, gym, conference…). I know this isn’t new. Taking an online class has been around for awhile, but what is new in marketing and branding is the power of video learning for your company. Here is a quick example I gave to a client of mine who is a music instructor. Demonstrate and teach something basic, with video, right on your website. Don’t just tell me you’re a teacher, show me that you’re a teacher. I have a client that has a workout videos that you can sign up to receive a new program each month. JoyGenea’s Top 5 Learning Video Topics: 1- FAQ – for your frequently asked questions, a visual answer would be the best solution. What is SD-WAN? If you want to learn more about this topic InteleCONNECT is hosting a class on Sept 26th: 2- How to use your product-three step training video on how to use your product 3- How or why to work with you- about the process of working with your company 4- Basic training- teach something basic in your market 5- Maintenance/Repair – show how to do an easy fix or repair This video is in honor of my father. When I was getting my driver’s license, he said I couldn’t have a car until I knew how to change the oil and how to change a tire. It has never been a bad thing to know and I have been thankful for the skill. Thanks Dad! Video has changed the way we learn, how quickly we learn and our expectation for finding answers. Grow your customer relationships, build trust and increase sales by have engaging videos for people to watch and learn from.

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