The Power of Your Positive Intelligence (P.Q.)

Mental Health is at the core of happiness in life and yet I meet people on a daily basis who ignore their mental fitness or are being run by an unfit brain.

On this topic, I have a couple of things swimming around in my mind that I’d like to talk about.

One, my family and I gathered to say goodbye to my amazing father in July and it was an emotional event.  

Another, in my community there was a young woman (16) who committed suicide.  

Death and grieving are on my mind and heart. But there is something that has helped in keeping me stronger through my loss. Today I’d like to share that with you.

In early 2021, a friend asked if I would like to take an emerging app training program for mental health and fitness. With nothing to lose, I said yes. Best yes of 2021 so far!

In the past, I had spent years reading about mental health and how it can impact the quality of one’s life. I also kept working on improving my mental health. I changed my eating habits, added exercise into my daily routine, started taking more vitamins than I ever thought were necessary.  

But through the years of learning, I have gained new ways to study and use all the parts of my brain. All with the core focus on my brain health.

Apart from that, I recently learned about P.Q. (Positive Intelligence). With this app I said to myself, wait a minute, you can easily change and improve your neuro pathways to help you improve your mental health, along with everything else I have learned.

It is called P.Q. You might be familiar with I.Q and E.Q. However, P.Q. is what changed my life this past few months, with the help of Dr. Shirzad.

Now that it has been months since I started that journey, I am amazed by the outcome. If it was not for P.Q. some recent incidents could have caused acutely high stress and anxiety for me. With me being mentally stronger, those incidents were only kind of stressful and then they moved into gifts and opportunities.

I don’t talk about all of the studying and research I do with most people, but I am going to be talking about this with everyone. 

This simple app with videos and training processes is so effective that I am adding it into my business model and it is going to be one of the foundation pieces of my coaching practice.

I am currently putting together some more PG coaching pods. I offer the 7 week program at a slight discount from what they offer on the PQ website, so if you want to get started, let me know, plus I will be personally doing some participation with each group.

If you would like to learn more about PQ check out the website or contact me

If you really love to take a QUIZ and learn more about the program and find out your PQ Score


In my coaching when it comes to mental fitness, I encourage people to have the following in their contacts list at all times.

Mental Fitness Tool Kit:

  • A Counselor –
  • A Coach –
  • A Spiritual Advisor –
  • P.Q. App
  • A Nutritionist


We have doctors for our bodies, we have mechanics for our cars, but why don’t we take the care of our mind as seriously? That is what I believe to be one of society’s next greatest shifts.  Embracing our brains and learning how to support them better. 

Now to wrap up, to the family of the recently deceased young person. I am so sorry for your loss. My sincerest sympathies. They have yet to come up with the words to say to you in this moment that could be of any comfort.



Your brain is the super computer running your whole life!

How well are you taking care of your brain?

What is one thing you can do to stay mentally fit?

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