Top 10 Process for Achieving Goals

I put together my process for achieving goals as a different thinker. Check it out and share your process in the comments!

For more information on achieving goals check out this blog post.


Hey JoyGenea here, International Dyslexia and ADHD Coach for adults. I just recently put out a blog, an article, about the top 10 process for achieving goals, and this is more of a neurodiversity approach and less of the standard type of thing.

So, you gotta start out with #1, a dream. Your thoughts and your visualization. We work great that way. High creative, we really want to have that type of thing. #2 It does have to get written down on paper somewhere. The chances of success go up exponentially so just trust me on that it needs a piece of paper. Number 3, find some people and role models that have already achieved goals similar to that um who have maybe already achieved it. You don’t have to write the map. Go figure out what they used, and you can use some of that. Number four, plan of action. Ok, so now you’ve got a desire you’ve got some thoughts about what you really want this to look like, you’ve got some role models, now you actually need to map out the actions that would have to take place on that. Then, I highly recommend you actually get some help. This is the part where you ask other people to support you. Say, “You know what? You’re really good at this could you help me? I’m working on this goal, I’m working on making this happen.” Number 6, be accountable. So, in asking for that help, it also means asking for some accountability and recruiting some accountability. Number 7, anticipate obstacles. Listen, we don’t all achieve our goals the way we map it out. Oh my gosh, I’ve never had that happen, I don’t think anybody else has either. So, just know they’re going to be obstacles. Have a whole sheet of paper, run by a bunch of ideas with people about what exactly that’s going to look like when you run into some of those obstacles. They’re going to be there, so what? You can get around them. But planning for them makes it a lot easier to get around them. Number 8, do the actions. There we go. We wrote out some actions, but now you got to actually do them. Bite-sized. Just, they do not have to be intense. Bite-sized. Number 9, adjust. Know that you’re going to need to adjust. That’s great, just adjust. Be flexible. Do a little Gumby action on that. And number 10, celebrate the wins. This is incredibly important. If you are not used to celebrating your wins, this is probably going to be one of the most challenging parts of the whole thing, and that is celebrating your wins. So, figure out what that looks like and what the small win celebrations are, and what the big win celebrations are.

So, now you know a simpler easier better approach to breaking down those goals and having great outcomes. Thanks again for joining me, I’m JoyGenea. Bye now.

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