Top 5 Video & Website Tips for 2018

Hello I’m JoyGenea Schumer, CEO and owner of Solutions by JoyGenea Specializing Digital Marketing.

I am an expert in building super engaging websites and explainer training videos.

Here are my top 5 tips you should know about Website and Video marketing.

#1. Your website must be 2018 mobile friendly and have an SSL certificate.

This is a non-mobile friendly website, see how I have to zoom in to see things and slide back and forth to read the page.

This is a 2016 mobile friendly website – it has some of the elements it should have.  The text is not wrapping properly on the page, the images are a little off

This is a 2018 mobile friendly website- it has a nice hamburger menu, the text wraps properly and the images are sized right to the device.

Now let’s talk about SSL.

An SSL certificate is a form of website security and encryption that is bought and added to a website. As of 2018, it’s required by Google. Without this little lock, your website is dropping in search rankings and Google is giving visitors a warning that your website might not be safe to visit. You must have an SSL Certificate on your site.

#2. Video making is EASY and FUN.  People love authenticity, creativity and learning.

Video shows people your business in a fun and simple way. Use video to:

  • Teach them how to easily buy from you
  • Show off your core values and mission statement
  • Making videos is fun and statistically it is more engaging than text

#3. Call for action right away.

This is a call to action. You only need to have one or two call outs.

Anything over that – people don’t see any of them and you are losing value and not gaining.

#4. Make sure your video intro grabs them.

You have 2 – 7 seconds to get capture their attention.

That short clip was 7 seconds.

Did I get your attention?

If you would like to see the rest of that video, go to my YouTube channel at

#5 With website a small investment can have a huge return

The days of building your own website of done.  Take it from a person who has been in this industry for 15+ years.  There are a lot more moving parts and they change on a regular basis.  SSL certificates, GDPR compliance, removing people from analytics- that’s all the 2018 stuff so far.
Work with someone you trust and most importantly make sure they talk in terms that you can understand.
Those are my 2018 Top 5 Website and Video Tips.   I hope this has inspired you to update your website, write a blog or post a new video.

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