What Are The Parts of a Power Hour? Part 2

Part 2- What are the parts of a power hour? The steps that make them so powerful for the dyslexic or ADHD brain.
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Hey JoyGenea here, International Neurodiversity Coach and we are working on a three-part series about power hours. Part 2 is right now.

There are a lot of things about a power hour process that can help you harness your brain and your gifts. So here’s a quick rundown of some of that.

Setting a time limit, boundaries, speaking out loud, your plan to other people, that’s accountability and that’s hearing yourself speak, which is really important to actually for your brain to sometimes hear it processes differently, being with a group of other people, shared energy, right. Enthusiasm, added focus. Picking just one thing to work on.

So typically when you do a power, you might have two, definitely, probably not three. You and you want to be clear, the number one priority this hour is X. So clarity, simplification, intentionality. How about a starting ritual? Typically with Power Hour, there’s a little bit of a starting ritual with that. So it helps you mentally know we begin now. And we stopped now.

Often you can choose to add some music. A lot of people do that to improve focus. Quiet some of that mind chatter that’s going on and add a little motivation and reporting how you did at the end. Typically a power hour has an accountability at the end. I got this done or I got this moved forward. So and there’s some recognition in that and it’s a reality check and again you hear yourself speak that out loud.

So those are some of the great things that come out of a power hour. I highly recommend you check it out.

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