What Does Adult Dyslexia Look Like?

Let’s talk about some of the ways dyslexia shows up in adulthood. Comment below with your experiences!



Hey, JoyGenea here so let’s talk a little bit about adult dyslexia and what that can kind of look like. I had some people ask me about that recently and I thought well this is a good time.

So, poor spelling in Reports and emails. That can be a hint stuff that spellcheck cannot hunt down or guess with like they’re lost they’re not sure what to do with it. Um, late for meetings- that time blindness thing I’ve talked about it before, but that can definitely be a hint that there’s something showing up from your dyslexia. Also, late for work, poor grammar in communication so in general just again those emails, just writing a note to somebody. How about when you’re caught up um writing on a like a whiteboard or something like that, that can be kind of a hint that your dyslexia is showing up and how you’re dealing with that. Um struggling with math calculations. For a lot of people that also can be a pretty big issue. So, knowing that that’s there. Challenges with finding the right word when you’re talking to somebody um word association and finding the right word that’s part of being dyslexic and that can get annoying at times. Um, not getting things done on time, not understanding the project goals.

I often hear clients, we talk about that and breaking down a goal and clarifying and making sure that they heard the information and quite often, maybe they didn’t. So, just understanding that can get a little switched around sometimes um, anxiety above the normal- what most people would kind of find for anxiety.

Um bouts with depression on and off is really common in adult dyslexia and ADHD. Um, I’ve seen actually, um women have more cases of postpartum depression if they are on the neurodiversity um scale, so something to just be aware of. Um struggles breaking down a project and knowing where to start. That one is just a kicker for the neurodiverse and so, don’t be surprised by that but that shows up in adulthood that really shows up, because back in school they broke the project down. This is when it’s due, here’s what you need to do first like there were a lot of ways that that system was helpful for us. Um lack of cooking participation I actually have to tell you, almost all of my clients but one, one is a master chef, loves to cook, the rest loathe cooking and we’re gonna get into that more later on.

So, adult dyslexia shows up in life the same way it was when we were kids, but it shows up differently, so it’s there it just shows up a little differently and there are other ways that it shows up in really amazing ways and I’ll get into that in the next video.

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