What is Dyslexia Testing?

Dyslexia testing is when parents, teachers, and others have noticed the signs of someone being dyslexic and they hire a qualified licensed educational psychologist, neurologist, or other medical professional to provide a formal diagnosis of the type and other educational differences.


Hey, JoyGenea here, International neurodiversity coach.

So, let’s talk a little bit about dyslexia testing. Dyslexia testing is when you actually, yeah, there’s some stuff you can do online, but those are merely like little quizzes to identify if you might be dyslexic. They’re cute, but the reality is a thorough dyslexic testing is anywhere between, I’ve never seen anything under $1000  upwards to I have heard of people paying upwards of $5000. Sometimes it can take a very long time. They are done by typically psychiatrists, people that are specially trained in doing a multiple layer evaluation. I do strongly encourage when people are getting dyslexic testing to also have their IQ tested. Sometimes it’s part of a test, sometimes it’s not. Again, that price point tends to mean what’s included in that package and what’s not.

Also, you want to understand processing speed typically when a dyslexic test and sometimes maybe we’ll go through one. Um, it has such a wide variety of really great data in there, so a question I get a lot of times is as an adult, should I get a dyslexia test if I’m pretty sure I know that I have it and my answer to that is, if identifying further where your dyslexia lies and where your neurodiversity and processing lies, where your best strengths are, visual learning, auditory, those types of things, if you aren’t quite square on that and understanding that having it defined by a test and having that kind of data can be extremely helpful and helping you narrow down where your strengths are and where your weaknesses are so that investment can be priceless. And when it comes to a young person, so I recently was talking about how they’re going to be doing more screening at younger ages. That means more young people and I’m talking 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 year olds will be getting tested for dyslexia. That is going to be a thorough process and I just want people to understand it’s a great and important thing and to not be afraid of that processing and new information.

So testing, I encourage testing for people when getting clarity is helpful. And particularly, for really young people, that clarity is very important because you’re navigating a school system that wants to provide the best education possible for you, and if you’re already identifying that your thought processes and your brain is working differently, that’s really important to happen for your kids, is to get them on the right track. Cause that brain, it’s building and and you want to make sure it’s building in the right spaces and direction. So testing is great. And if you want to hear more, please ask lots of questions.


I’m JoyGenea. Bye.

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