What will be NEW to you in the next year?

Someone was wishing me a Happy New Year, which was really nice of them, and it occurred to me that I would like to know what is going to be NEW in this year that wasn’t in the last year.

When I asked them that same question, they looked confused, then smiled and said, “I will have five more employees, we are upgrading our network and getting a new website with video and my wife and I are going to Paris.”  As he talked the smile grew bigger and bigger.

Of the general population, 90% do not set and write out goals.  That means that only 10% does write out their goals.

Only 1% of the general population says their goals out loud to other people and includes them as part of their conversations.

Guess which group of people achieves greater personal satisfaction, more happiness, has less stress and has lives with little to no drama?

The goal setters who spoke their goals out loud and made it part of their conversation!


In recent years, research about the brain has explained why this happens.

A THOUGHT is created and lives in one part of your brain.  That causes a bunch of neurons to fire in one area of the brain.

WRITING the goal down uses more parts of the brain, fires up more neurons and now the thought lives in two locations of the brain.

SPEAKING the goal out loud uses even more neurons and now the goal is in at least three locations in your brain.

What they have proven with brain mapping is that the more your whole brain is engaged in something, using multiple areas of the brain, the more likely you are to remember it.

Now, if you write that goal down often and speak about it to others often, the possibility of that goal becoming a part of your reality has increased exponentially because your brain is looking for ways to achieve that goal.


Tons of people know this and yet, only 1% do it. 


May I encourage you in 2018 to try something NEW?

  • Write out a couple of goals for the year, putting one on a sticky note and place it somewhere you can see it daily (I recommend the bathroom mirror where you brush your teeth.).
  • Speak that one goal out loud to someone.
  • Find a way to make it part of three conversations in the next week.


Be part of the 1% and see what happens.  Share your stories with me on Facebook or my blog.  Let me know how it turns out.


As you can probably tell, in the last couple of years I have read a lot of books about the brain, marketing and people.  I use all of that information when I am building videos.  How and when the content is presented and in what manner makes all of the difference to the neurons of your potential customers.


What will be NEW for me in 2018?

  • I will achieve certification in the Amen Master Coaching Course
  • I will achieve certification in the B.A.N.K. Code sales training program
  • I will learn four new video software programs
  • I will be working from a new office
    (I already started on Jan 1…921 1st St N, Suite 104 St. Cloud, MN 56303)
  • I will have read 12 new books
    (I started on this months book already. Emotional Agility by Susan David)



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