“When I make my fortune…” – Would you say that out loud?

“When I make my fortune…”

When I Make my FortuneYesterday I was reading through scholarship applications. It is one of my most favorite things to do. In a few paragraphs a student is asked to summarize why they are going to succeed, how they got to this point in life and what a scholarship would mean to them. When I read the typed lines they have poured out, I could see how hard they were trying to fulfill their dream, not just to make more money.

Dreams like:

Being a better parent

Being a better person in the world

Recover from years of drugs and alcohol abuse

Recovering from traumas inflicted on them as a child, which they had no control over

Being the first person in their family to get a college education

Never having to go back to a war torn country

Owning their own business

Rebuilding a life after prison time

Stepping into the family business and carrying on the legacy

Rebuilding a life after returning from war as a wounded veteran

Making a halftime commercial that goes viral

Writing a children’s book and having it get published

Being the person to help their parent after the other parent passed away unexpectedly

…so many others

It inspires for me to keep dreaming, setting goals and believing in others and myself. There were a couple of students that just amazed me with their tenacity for life and inability to give up. One such student wrote in her application “When I make my fortune I am going to…” It was a great way to start a sentence. There was no doubt in the sentence, in coaching we say that is Lazar focus. That is shooting for the moon with the ability to catch a star along the way down.

As you set goals for your business and personal life, keep that sentence in mind. What will you do when you make your fortune? That is a great place to aim your life and business.


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