Why Neurodiverse Read So Many Productivity Books and Are Not Organized

Myth Buster: This productivity book will solve everything. NOT A FACT! You are neurodiverse and this wasn’t written for you. I have read tons of productivity books and I learned that none of the popular ones were written by someone who thinks like me. There is good stuff, it just isn’t going to solve anything and might not have anything that works with your brain and your style.


Hi, I’m JoyGenea, neurodiversity success coach for adults with ADHD and dyslexia, so I want to talk about productivity books, you know, like, Eat That Frog, Four Hour Work Week. I can… trust me. I got a whole cabinet of organizing and productivity books, so here’s what I want to say.

For my neurodiverse community out there, dyslexics, ADHD, even autistics, these books weren’t written for you. They weren’t typically written by people like us. They are written by people that do not have our brains and so stop beating yourself up. Stop shooting on yourself about the fact that you can’t implement their systems.

OK, just stop and instead, as you read these types of things, pull out the Nuggets that are valuable, try them. What I found is, for the majority of my clients, there’s one little piece in one of these books that does make a difference, and they’re able to keep and retain that, and it matters. And there’s another little piece that will come out of another book and they’re able to implement it and matter, make it part of their system, but stop shooting on yourself. Stop feeling bad.

I cannot tell you how many clients I’ve had who are like, oh, I tried this book and I’ve tried this system and I just can’t make it happen. I’m like, was any of that written by anyone that’s dyslexic or neurodiverse, or is it written by somebody who’s neuro normal? And that pretty much sums it up.

Stop shooting on yourself when it comes to productivity and organization and recognize, you are your own unique self. Your brain works in one particular way, and you need to start to unlock and figure out exactly what it needs to feel organized, what it needs to find a way through and navigate the world around it. That’s all. Try things. Otherwise ask for help from other people. That’s why I’m a coach. People come to me, I can tell them all sorts of things that have been tried that might work well for their style, their brain, how they process. Those are different things.

So, thanks. I’m JoyGenea neurodiversity, coach and owner of Solutions by JoyGenea.

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