Dictation Software for Gmail

Dictation software can make a huge difference for dyslexics managing lots of work emails. Tune in to see the Gmail dictation software I tested! For more details, you can check out my blog about dictation software.


Hi, JoyGenea here. Recently a client and I were talking. They use Google Gmail and they, they were desperate. They were like “I could really use some dictation software. That could really be helpful.” So, well you know, that just means we need to go and explore and see what’s out there. We found some great stuff! So, I kinda wanna show ya. Let me take you on a little exploration.

So, the first item we explored was this. Dictation for Gmail. Let me show you what that kinda looked like. So, you’ve got an email ready to go in your Gmail account, after you refresh the page there should be this little icon at the bottom, you’ll click that, and now the body of your Gmail should be typing the text that you’re speaking. Period. This could easily make emails and so forth, go a whole lot faster. Period. Click the microphone again to turn it off, and that’s it. Super simple, put in your recipients and subjects, you’re good.

Let’s look at the other one. Next, we checked out Voice In speech to text dictation. It’s a little more robust. It has a few more stars and I have to say, so far I’ve been really impressed with it also. Let’s go look at that. One option Voice to Text has, is it will also allow you to put- dictate the subject line and the body of the text. So, this actually goes up in your Chrome extensions, so it’ll be up in the upper right corner so it’s Voice In Speech Dictation. I’m gonna click that little button. Subject line is dictation in my email. Now I’m entering some text and details into the body of my email. Period. It really is that simple, but there’s an additional feature that comes with this voice to text. Let’s go check that out. So, it’s this great little item called Dictonote, and it does a lovely job of just creating dictation for you in a notebook form. Period. As you can see, this could be a pretty helpful tool for some people, so if you’ve been looking for dictation for Gmail, now you know a couple of options. If you want to see the links or read a little bit more about it, go to my website, it’s a blog that I have up there. Thanks so much and have a great day.

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