Jena Heinen Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation for Jena Heinen

To Whom it may concern;

This letter is my personal and business recommendation for Jena Heinen. Until recently Jena worked for me as a graphic design and artistic consultant. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with determination, dedication, and a smile. Jena is a take-charge person who is able to present her own ideas, interpret other people’s creative concepts, and translate creative ideas to reality.

Jena has successfully developed:
•         branding themes
•         company logos
•         business cards
•         marketing brochures
•         website backgrounds
•         website banners
•         website graphics
•         social media marketing graphic (youtube, etsy, facebook, twitter and others)
•         newsletter headers
• product loading and editing
•         packaging labels
•         blog image edits and enhancements
•         photographic and digital image modifications
to see examples go to:

Clients have benefited from streamlined branding, time savings from delegating design efforts to a professional, and increased revenue as a direct result of Jena’s graphic expertise.

In addition to Jena being an asset to my marketing efforts, she was extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. Coupled with her artistic talents, Jena was willing to perform general office duties, customer service, and business operations needs as they arose. She was able to seamlessly step into the lead role in client interactions regarding edits and ongoing creative communications.
I highly recommend Jena as a designer, graphic consultant, and employee. She will be a huge asset for your business, for your clients, and for your team.

JoyGenea Schumer
President & Owner
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