Acquisition Expert (TM)

Acquisition Expert (TM)
acquisition is defined as

1.    an asset or object bought or obtained.

Early in 2006, shortly after starting my business, I got a call from a person self described as a hoarder.  I had a family member that would be described by that term and I grew to hate the term when I first heard it in the 1990’s.  In that moment on the phone with this would be client I made a conscious decision that I was going to avoid the use of that term.  I created the term acquisition expert and I have used it ever since.  My perspective was that items were acquired and never left, thus acquisition expert, an expert in acquiring items, typically not at expert at letting them go.

If someone you love is an acquisition expert I encourage you to not loose sight of your sense of humor and the qualities of that person that are positive.  We are all God’s children, handle each other with love, care and prayer.

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