Groovebook Review- Free your Photos – A little bit techie persons review

SHARE- – A LITTLE Tech and Sharing So while you are creating memories this holiday season I want to encourage you to share those photos you take.  Not just via facebook, twitter, instagram and all the other ways, but also by printing them out for the senior and tot generations. Kids love nothing more than

FOCUS – Don’t Run Me Over!

audio version at bottom Life Balance Many books, articles, workshops, gadgets and TV shows are dedicated to helping us find balance in our life. As a group, I think women are drawn to these marketing words, we feel out of balance more than we feel that everything is balanced and easy to handle. What if

Stop Running From Your Social Media

“Why use blogs, youtube, twitter, facebook, pinterest….?”  I have lots of businesses ask me that.  “I know I should do this, but I don’t care or use them myself.”  That is another opening line I hear a lot. My TOP 5 BEST REASONS For Small Businesses to Start Engaging IN Social Media 1- How Can

Thinkertoys – Book review by JoyGenea

Page 126 – Idea Grid “There is a vast order to the universe.” even when it comes to ideas.  The FCB Grid is a great tool and I have used it with many clients since reading about it. This book is a must for anyone in leadership, business development and marketing. It is fun to

UPDATE from What if your Parent’s went on Your First Date?

AUDIO/VIDEO VERSION [After a broken engagement, an Indian friend agreed to his parents wishes for a traditional arranged marriage.  See LINK TO FIRST ARTICLE.] “The Date” was actually two meetings about an hour and a half each. Always with all family members. They were able to talk about a few things. She had taken the

What If Your Parents Were With You On First Dates?

What If Your Parents Were With You On First Dates? VIDEO– no time to read? watch & listen to video I have a good friend who lives in India.  He is of age, in India, to be married and start a family.  He was right on course for this until recently when his engagement ended

David and Goliath – book review

VIDEO– no time to read? watch & listen to video   By Malcolm Gladwell One of my takeaways from the book. Page 149- He goes into detail about what he calls remote misses. It is the effect that happens to many people when they survive a life and death experience. Really fascinating and since reading