If Mother Nature Can Do It Why Can’t We?

I love fall, the crisp fall air, the fresh smell of the leaves that have fallen to the ground.  This fall as I was driving around Central Minnesota from one client to the next I was noticing all the trees showing off their beautiful colors.  Then I realized, trees are a great example of organizing.  They can let go.  Maple trees know that for them to continue to grow they must let go of their leaves each fall.  They keep the most important part of themselves, the trunk and roots, but they let go of the rest.  And it’s not just that they let go of what they don’t need so they can mature, it’s that they do it with such style and beauty.  What do most of us do with things that we don’t need anymore?  We pack them in a box and hide them away in the basement, rafters or storage unit.  Maybe we just need to sell them, recycle them or toss them.  If the great Oak in my front yard decided to keep it leaves from year to year, he would not be a great huge oak in my front yard.  He would have died a long time ago.  It is the cycle of life.  I think that mother nature has a pretty good example in organizing in her trees.  So, if the trees seem to understand the importance of letting go to grow, maybe we can figure it out too.

2012-11 Fall Images-Twig House

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