Gmail – Social & Promotions Tabs – make them go away

A couple of months ago google added some extra organizing to their gmail.  I am all for trying new things, so I have and now I am clear it is not the right organizing system for me.  In the last couple of weeks I have missed important emails from clients over six times.  I now

Quotes from Sigurd F. Olson about Wilderness

“My feeling of wholeness seems to come while I am in the middle in the wilds, most often when I am alone, but also with someone who understands as I do. Paddling with Elizabeth when our strokes are timed as one, it comes often, or when we are sitting quietly on some high lovely place.

Top 20 Organizing Products I Recommend to Clients

Extra Tips for Organizing Student From Last Night I provided my last Community Education organizing class last evening.  It was entitled: Organizing-Contain Your Home and Closets.  After the class finished I read the reviews from all fourteen students. One of them noted that I did provide many specific examples of products to utilize. This person

But I paid a lot for that

Many times when working with organizing clients we will hit an issue that goes like this: “But, I paid a lot of money for that and it IS top of the line”   Top of the line  more than 3 years ago in electronics means it has little or no resale value left and needs to

How are your actions making your customers feel?

How are your actions making your customers feel? Last week I mentioned that I was less than satisfied with my television provider, then had switched to an even worse situation before ultimately discovering my new happy solution of live-stream television. The story of how that happened provides some entertainment value, but moreover it provides an

How live-stream TV saved me $100 per month

How live-stream TV saved me $100 per month Paying over $200 per month on internet and television prompted me to request new equipment from my provider after 4 years of rental. A decline to this request lead me to explore new options. Sadly, there were not many local options in our area, and the one

Top 5 Mailchimp Tips for Newbies

Top 5 MailChimp Tips for Newbies While helping a local non-profit group this week we converted an email campaign and newsletter into a service called MailChimp. I love MailChimp for several reasons including the fact that it makes it easy for new subscribers to sign up for your mailing list, your messages do not get

Acquisition Expert (TM)

Acquisition Expert (TM) acquisition is defined as 1.    an asset or object bought or obtained. Early in 2006, shortly after starting my business, I got a call from a person self described as a hoarder.  I had a family member that would be described by that term and I grew to hate the term when

How hard would you fight?

  How hard would you fight for your happiness and life?  In fall of 2010 I was hired by my clients children to help her downsize.  She had lived in the same house for 20+ years, raised all her kids in that house and along the way had acquired a lot of possessions from all