CHANGE – doesn’t always make life better, sometimes it just is

I am open to change and believe that change yields growth and improvement.


As a woman, I want to request the fashion industry, particularly the companies that make women’s pants.


I want my front and back pockets returned to a decent pocket size


remove the dam things altogether. 


Pick one and stop marketing that a pocket in the front that is 1.5” deep can hold ANYTHING. It can’t!


I know you’re wondering where this little rant is coming from? Well, let me tell you.


Last week, I dug in the way back of my closet and pulled out the “measuring skinny jeans”.


All of you women can relate to what I want to explain. It is the one pair of pants you have kept for years, in my case since 1989, that represents the smallest size you have ever been.


I keep my pair around, just in case. At times it reminds me of how I might be way off track, and other times it reminds me that I am getting closer to my goal.


I can tell you that I have had those pants on once in every decade.


Anyway, back to my pocket request. So last week, I put on my classic, no lycra, Lee jeans from 1989, and they had huge front and back pockets.


My phone fit perfectly in the front and back pocket.  It was wonderful. I had not realized how much I missed having a good-sized pocket.


I placed my little wallet in my front pocket and my phone in the back pocket when I went to the store; it was so lovely. I did not feel the need for my whole purse.


It made me miss the men’s Girbaud jeans I used to wear in the late ’80s.


Now that was a pair of jeans had a front pocket worth mentioning. You could sneak every snack you needed into the movies in just the front pockets of those pants.


The back pockets could hold anything too.


I don’t think women’s butts have gotten smaller in the last thirty years.


Judging from the fact that there is a six-size difference from the 1989 Lee pant size to the 2021 pant sizes, I am sure that the clothing industry is telling us what we want to hear.


That would also mean that I was 14 sizes bigger before fitting into my classic pants this last week (in 1989 sizes).


So, if our bottoms are not getting smaller and the things we need to put in our pockets are not getting less or smaller, why are the pockets of my pants shrinking down to nothing worth having?


I now have to carry a small purse to make up for this change. Many of my outfits have no pockets for my phone.


I don’t call this a fair trade-off.

I want the back pockets of my jeans to be able to hold my phone safely.




Thank you, I just needed to say that. My dear friend Todd, and his flip phone, would be so proud of me for having a minor revolt to change.


Here’s to you, Todd, not all change makes life better.  No matter what, we have to live with the change, and as humans, we will adjust; it doesn’t mean I have to love it.


What change are you revolting right now?

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