David and Goliath – book review

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By Malcolm Gladwell

One of my takeaways from the book.

Page 149- He goes into detail about what he calls remote misses. It is the effect that happens to many people when they survive a life and death experience. Really fascinating and since reading it I can see it in so many people.

Gladwell pushes the reader to embrace the fact that we need people to struggle, that is how our society grows.  Without people who have a changed perspective on life, nothing would change.  Who would push against the social norms in the world?  The author tells really good stories in a story telling manner that includes history and statistics.

If you are in a book store and pick up this book I would tell you to read the first story about David and Goliath.  You will see the story with a new perspective after that.

Yes I would recommend this book.



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