Do you buy ENCYCLOPEDIAS from a guy at your front door?

Do you buy encyclopedias from a guy at your front door?

I don’t believe there exists a business of door to door salesmen selling encyclopedias.  If you have had someone come to your door in the last year selling encyclopedias, let me know.


Times change and so does what you do to reach your potential customers. I spent a day at a sales conference recently and my biggest take away was that the sales cycle has really changed in the last ten years. Since the internet has evolved over that time think of how you choose to buy goods and services.

Typically now a buyer

  • Does an internet search (Google, Bing…?)
  • Watches a video
  • Reads Reviews from others
  • Asks friends and co-workers (in person, via social media, text or phone call)


Notice that in the whole first part of this process know where does it say “Talk to the sales person.” Typically the sales person is the last person to be invited to the conversation now.




The sales person was the very first person to point out that the potential client had a problem, needed to improve something or was missing an opportunity. Now that the potential client is better educated guess what they do next? You guessed it, the same as above and then they swing back over to the sales person, maybe.


I see the new sales cycle as great for business and for customers. It is more empowering and transparent than ever.

Here’s the NEW BIG SECRET – it is not a cycle anymore. No longer is it seen as a closed loop. It is now more horizontal and builds loyalty and connection which leads to more repeat business.


New Sales Flow:




The big point that was made at this conference is that throughout the sales process and long after, you need to be engaged. Finding ways to remind your clients of who you are, what your company stands for, how you can help and why you will be loyal to them as customers.


HINT – Social media, email marketing, helpful videos, blog content and a simple Thank You via snail mail help to fill this new sales flow.


QUESTION: Have you looked at your sales process recently? Maybe it’s time to make some changes and watch your profits soar.


What is ONE thing you could do this week to engage more with your current clients?


PS – This is why Linda Laitala started Generate Big Revenue with Dynamic Marketing Strategies monthly classes. She noticed in her monthly Raven group meetings that the topic of sales and marketing came up a lot. Linda is a strong believer in the power of staying knowledgeable about key topics so she asked me to team up with her and create these classes.

“MOVE ONE THING FORWARD EACH MONTH” is our motto to anyone that participates. Each of the topics for our classes is based on this new sales flow and each month you can add or update one new sales or marketing option to your business. Check it out at Meet or Raven Performance











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