Eps 3-Introducing the Metacog an amazing way to take notes and use them

Eps 3-Introducing the Metacog an amazing way to take notes and use them – Neurodiversity Moment with JoyGenea

Metacog – the best note-taking option for many neuro different people. Dr. Caroline Leaf

Until I read the book “Think Learn Succeed” by Dr. Caroline Leaf page 192 I had never heard of the note-taking system of Metacog. I started taking notes this way and taught many of my clients.  It uses so much more of the brain’s many memory-making features and harnesses the superpower of being more right-brained.


This is a short explanation.

  • You start with a blank sheet of paper
  • Print the topic in the middle
  • Think of the next part like drawing a sun.  From the center text, you draw a line to the upper right. On that line you print the first important note
  • From that line with printed text, you draw lines for the further details as needed on the subject.
  • Rotate the paper as you continue to take notes.
  • You can use colored pens, if you want
  • You don’t just have to draw straight lines; you can create drawings and curved lines.

At the end of the video, I show some of my examples and a couple of Dr. Leaf’s.

I recommend that you give it a try a couple of times.

I am currently studying for a coaching certification, and I use this for all of my notetaking.  I have seen an improvement in my test scores without accommodations and studying for the tests has become easier.


Thanks for joining me on another neuro diversity education minute.

I’m JoyGenea, Success Life Coach for Adults with Dyslexia

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