Do you have a FIXED mindset or a GROWTH mindset?

In my work coaching ADHD/Dyslexia gifted people, I read a lot of articles on the subject.  This article really stood out to me.  It was about how we praise people and motivate them.  Wording is the key.  I found that the article really related to business and managing people.  They report on a study by Carol Dweck.


She found that people were MORE motivated if they had a growth mindset (a growth mindset, you believe intelligence and expertise can be developed through effort and instruction. You have a desire to learn, and you recognize that effort with support is the way to get to mastery.)


The people with a fixed mindset, (a fixed mindset, you believe that success is based on fixed, unchangeable traits and abilities.) stopped trying and stopped feeling like they were successful faster.


Next time you are hiring someone to join your team, keep this in mind.


What kind of manager or owner are you?
Does the job need a fixed or growth mindset?
Are you encouraging your people with a growth mindset or are you challenging with goals that are part of a fixed mindset?


This doesn’t just apply to internal business relationships.  When I am working with people on making a training video or a how to video I plant certain key words to help the viewer be in more of a growth mindset.  I know, for me, I can be a little of both and this article reminded me that I might expand my growth mindset if that is what I share with others more often.


Here is a link the the article that started this conversation.

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