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Hey, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. Did you know that I have an entire collection of videos called ‘Different Thinker Motivational Moments.’ Maybe you’ve seen them in the scroll. Well, you can now easily search, and you always could, but I’m just hinting it out, that you can easily search for that hashtag and check out those videos easily, and the whole point of that is the fact that the different thinker community sometimes needs a little different type of motivational, inspirational oomph, and I get that, and I want to start putting some of that out there so we can access it easier, and in small bites.

So, these are short little videos meant to just be a minute of inspiration, to give you just a little idea of something you can do to help shift yourself to make today an even greater, better day, or to maybe take today from being ‘Ugh,’ to ‘Hey not so bad,’ or ‘You know what? There might be a gift and opportunity in this, so I strongly encourage you to check out my DTMM videos and I thank you so much for watching and if you’ve got a great idea for something I could do about Different Thinker Motivational Moments, I would love to hear about it and to be able to share that with the world. Thank you so much. Have an awesome day.

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