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When creating a website, it’s always a good idea to look at companies in your industry and figure out what they are doing right. The front page of a website is like a cover of a book. Although people say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, too often we do. That is why you should make sure the front page, like the rest of your website, is the best it can be. I’ll be going over two websites that are excellent websites to take from and make your own.

Lockheed Martin – Aerospace and Manufacturing

What they are doing right?

They spell out their mission and focus. Their content is easy to access and speaks to their customers. The business to business approach has a focus on new technology and innovation within and around their industry.

The other focus is their commitment to their employees and pushing to develop a strong team of intelligent, technology focused employees.

The front page of their website is a great way for a company to engage both businesses and individuals. Too often businesses forget that even though you are selling to a business, it needs to still feel like you are talking to a person because at the end of the day, you are.

Lear Corporation – Automotive Manufacturing

What are they doing right?

They start with their vision to inform investors and customers of their goals.

They have a community focused approach, highlighting employees and community foundations they take part in.

Products aren’t mentioned until the middle of the page, which starts with a teaser video and leads to their main product lines (seating and E-Systems). They are selling a brand and a product. With any company, the values a company holds can be more valuable than the products they sell.

Why are values sometimes more important than products?

Like-minded companies and leaders want to work together. Even if they don’t have a direct need for your product, values can bridge a gap and create new revenue opportunities. Strategic partnerships bring in new customers and open far more doors for growth.

Each company’s approach puts investors (customers) and values at the forefront on the business. Although their approaches may look different, the core components are the same.

A company’s goals and values often times need to align with the right business in order to make a business relationship work. Laying the ground work out early helps potential businesses know out of the gate if this company not only has comparable values, but demonstrate how they live them out.

The other core component is employees. The lifeblood of any business, showing an emphasis on employees shows other businesses two things: growth and opportunity.

Growing businesses are a good indication of quality work and increasing value, something both competitors and partners take notice of. Potential partners will want to work with a growing business, especially if they see mutual benefits.

Opportunity for employees to gain valuable work skills and grow professionally brings new opportunity for the business as well. Workers with new skills and contacts can help a business extend their growth stage significantly and build a larger business network for the company.

I hope these examples of excellent manufacturing websites give you an idea on what the right touch to your website can do for your customers, your employees, and your business. Keep these examples in mind whether you’re creating a new website or rebranding your current one.

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