Life Requires Maintenance

“A good life demands a lot of maintenance.”  ~Lisa Wingate

I was talking with one of my PQ pod members, she is going into the final week, and she made a comment about How Life Needs Maintenance.

She is right, why don’t we talk about our annual physicals as being part of our life maintenance.

If our cars need maintenance, why would that also not be true of life. And it is not just the “things” in our lives, but our bodies, purpose, and our minds.

When I am coaching young people into independence, we have an outline of the goals and achievements needed to have a happy and healthy life for them. It is created by them, and their parents and we check on it annually. Each time I have one of those meetings I am reminded of my own life goals and maintenance.

What would your Life Maintenance list have on it?

Here is my outline of a Life Maintenance list.

  • Annual physical, where I ask every question about everything, and I tell the doctor everything that I have noticed that has changed
  • Quarterly massages
  • Workouts 4 to 5 times a week
  • Quarterly visits to my mental health doctor to keep things tuned up (like an oil change for my brain)
  • Eating foods that nourish my brain and body
  • Weekly coaching with my life coach
  • Once a month spirit work
  • Read a book a month
  • One new class/training/education always – right now it is Spanish and PQ Coaching
  • Shower daily
  • Brushing my teeth daily
  • Flossing my teeth – weekly
  • Loving my job more than it stresses me out
  • Daily gratitude journaling
  • Date with my husband once a week
  • One annual gets together with my family
  • Celebrating my anniversary each year with fun
  • Filling out a daily schedule of my work and invoicing daily

These are the things that help me to feel that I am doing my best to be a part of society and keep a balance in my life between work and life outside of work.

How do you keep your life in balance?  

What is your Life Maintenance?


JoyGenea Schumer
Business Owner, International Neurodiversity Coach and Speaker


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