Motivation for Different Thinkers: DTMM Videos

This week’s article is brought to you by an audience member who recently asked why her young adult son hated her nagging, she just needed her son to get his crap together and move out of her house, she was just trying to motivate him.

Her son was sitting next to her and I watched his face drop and then a flash of anger ran over him. I didn’t address his mother’s question first.

First, I talked with him, not that he wanted to talk to me, now that she had insulted him. I asked him to describe for me a time when he had felt really successful at doing something.

It took a minute and then he shared about a time he got an A on a science project. In that moment, I watched his whole body chemistry change from angry, hurt, and defeated to strong, confident, achiever.

That moment is what I call a Motivational Moment. It is when we are able to change our own chemistry to support our goals.



Do you ever just need a little motivation? You know a less than two-minute oomph of energy? Maybe a total change in your perspective?

I do and yet watching someone tell me to ‘just get motivated’ makes me more angry than motivated sometimes. With that in mind a couple of months ago I started creating DTMM videos.


Different Thinkers Motivational Moments.


It’s a video collection made especially for other different thinkers. They are not videos about educating, training, or learning new concepts, I make those videos most of the time.

The whole goal of DTMM videos is to pump you up in a minute or two, even inspire you in a moment, to say something that you might have needed to hear, to be reminded that you are human, lovable, strong, smart, and beautifully imperfect.


The videos have been well received and it’s great to hear how they are helping to bring a little joy to moments that need to shift.

We all get stuck in a negative thought loop sometimes, when you have ADHD that negative thought loop can last a long time if your gift of hyperfocus gets stuck on trying to fix it.

Or, if you are dyslexic and someone tells you to “just try harder, you need to be able to spell better.”

Or, if you are autistic and you comment to your parent’s friend makes everyone mad because you have stated the obvious, and everyone was avoiding talking about that subject.


We are different thinkers and the support we most appreciate and that can be the most helpful is a combination of empathy, love, and encouragement.


Here are a few sample videos for you to enjoy from the DTMM collection:




If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, I post them all there too. Please feel free to share them with others.


I really enjoy making these videos. I get inspiration from many sources and one of my favorites is from other different thinkers.

Please, if you have an idea or could use a little inspiration, let me know. This is all a lot more fun when we collaborate and work together.


I hope you are having a good day and that you know how valuable you are to the world.


Have the best day you can have today,

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