Multitasking Attack

Here is how I deal with multitasking attacks. Share your strategies in the comments!


Hey, JoyGenea here, dyslexia and ADHD Coach for adults and so this weekend I had one of those, hmm, if you have a neurodiversity you will understand this. It might happen to you, not everybody but it might happen to you. Anyways, I had what I call a multitasking attack and what that means is, the ability to not multitask was pretty much void. I was multitasking and going to be multitasking at a deep level. I didn’t have to be but boy my brain wanted to be, and so I call that a multitasking attack, and how I handle that, I learned quite a few years ago the best way to deal with that if my brain is in that zone, and it tends to happen for me when I have a lot of things due, a lot of projects going on and so forth and the creative side of my brain kicks in, and so it’s not just that I have those things that are due, I am also generating ideas and I’m connecting things that I hadn’t before and so I don’t want to lose those ideas but I also need to be getting this stuff done and I all of the sudden start doing four or five of those things at one time and that’s just too much. You can’t do it that way.

So, the simplest and easiest way I handle that, is I use my trusty rusty list, and I have it sitting right next to the computer and every time I start something I write it on the list. And at one point I promise you on Saturday I had six things all going at once. I was looking for this, I was doing that, then I got bored with that and it took too long to load this and so I went- doesn’t matter. It was on the list so that I was able to complete things. I easily looked at the list. If I didn’t want to forget something it went at the bottom of the list, but that allowed me the freedom to actually make as a productive a day as I could out of my multitasking attack. So, if you’ve ever experienced something like that, love to hear how you handled it, ways, tips and tricks that work well for you and if this can be helpful for you, great. Thanks so much. Have a great day.

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