Not On YouTube! 5 Tips You Need To Know About YouTube.

  • YouTube has 30 million visitors a day
  • YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world
  • More than 500 million hours of YouTube videos are watched EVERY DAY
  • YouTube has people from all generations using the site regularly; it has a highly diverse audience

If you are not engaging in YouTube this month is the time to start. Stop missing out on business you should easily have.

5 Tips You Need To Know About YouTube.

1. You Need At Least One Video On YouTube
The top items I recommend are:

  • Introduction video
  • Company values
  • Mission statement
  • Product explanation

2. Own and Brand Your YouTube Channel
When you upload a video to YouTube you then have a YouTube account and a channel. That’s the #1 item people miss. That channel is extra SEO for your brand, website, social media platforms and a way to learn more about you.

  • Banner
  • About
  • Social media links
  • Set your feature video
  • Don’t let someone else post your video on their YouTube channel. That does not help you are your brand.

3.  Optimize Your Keywords
Do you know who owns YouTube? Google! Google runs the search world and by having a great title, description and tags your video will increase your brands SEO (search engine optimization). You’re likely to connect with your target audience on YouTube by focusing on the right keywords. This is because both Google’s search engine and YouTube’s own search engine are reliable ways to steer people to specific content they’re searching for. In other words, on Facebook and Instagram people are more likely to stumble on your content whereas on YouTube they’re seeking it out.

  • Make sure the title has your company name. In the description have your contact information, have the company name and everything that is in the video worded out.
  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags

4.  Comments Can Only Appear By Approval
The #2 mistake people make is they don’t turn off the auto-approval of video comments. You have to go into the third tab and change it to Approved. You will get an email when people comment on your video and you can approve the comment, respond to the comment or delete it.

5.  Use Playlist to Organize Your Content
Once you have more than three videos it is time to create playlists. Having playlists on your channel helps people to understand your brand better and find what they are looking for quickly.

BONUS – Adding Element CTA (Call to Action) Links To Your Videos.
Once the video is uploaded and you have done your optimizing you can add Element CTA’s to your video.

  • Call Now
  • Website
  • Buy Now
  • Learn More

Don’t miss out on the power of YouTube. Bring more people to your brand, show off your values, demonstrate your skills and products and show why other businesses have worked with you.

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