Numbers Don’t Lie and Asking Why Creates Solutions

One of my business friends this week got some good feedback, Her conversion rates from social media to her website to people booking a meeting with her were terrible.

 People were going to her site, but they were not signing up for her services like that had 12 months ago.  She was annoyed at the digital marketing person and was questioning if the spend was producing enough ROI.  

If people are going to your website and not signing up, that felt like a breakdown on the sign up page on her website.  So, off we went to look at the page.  HELL’s the page had gone to heck.  There were so many options that it was easy to see why people were not signing up.  They don’t know how or why. 

Within an hour, she had solved the entire problem.

You don’t have to own a business to have a breakdown in your communication.  I seem to have a few every week both in business and in my personal life.  They are these moments when I assume people know what I am talking about and just wait for them to do and respond to what I said, when really I didn’t communicate it at all.  Just like her website, you can easily clean up those moments with a simple apology and a pivot in a new direction.


At least once a year, walk through your sales process with fresh eyes.


  • How do I buy?
  • What am I buying?
  • What will the results be of my purchase?

If people can’t answer those questions easily within seconds of connecting with your business on any platform, you have a breakdown in the communication chain and you will want to fix it ASAP.

Sales can be hard enough for a small business, don’t make it a challenge for clients to connect and buy from you.

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