Sensory Friendly Opportunities

If you are neurodiverse and have some sensory sensitivities, I encourage you to seek out sensory-friendly opportunities in your area!




Hi, I’m JoyGenea, International neurodiversity coach, and today the thing I really want to chat with you about is sensory-friendly opportunities.

Yes, I said sensory-friendly opportunities, and what I’m talking about is those opportunities that are coming about within your community where you are able to go possibly, shopping, or visiting a museum, or going to a theme park at particular times where those organizations are actually working to limit the amount of people, to tone down the lights, to turn down the music, to really create an environment where a person who has more sensory sensitivities is able to engage more and feel more comfortable, and possibly, like let’s think about it, buy more and do more and have a more amazing experience. So, if you have not tried out that type of thing, I highly recommend that if you do fall on the neurodiversity scale somewhere, that you maybe check out an opportunity like that in your community. There are quite a few of them happening now around the world and it might just be something that is a right fit for you.

So, I’m JoyGenea and I would love to hear more about sensory-friendly opportunities that you have engaged in, that you have been involved in, or maybe your organization or company has for the community. Happy to promote that. Thank you so much and have an outstanding day. Bye now.

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