The Difference Between Coaching and Consulting

Before we leave 2019 behind and launch into 2020 I want to share with you some more really exciting news.  Solutions by JoyGenea is expanding (officially) into LIFE COACHING.  I will be a certified ICF (International Coach Federation) Life Coach by 2020.  I started taking my training this past August.

Why I am getting certified as an ICF Certified Life Coach?

I believe in the value of coaching.  I have invested in hiring coaches and experienced the outcomes of that investment in very positive ways.

I have taken a ridiculous amount of coaching classes to help my clients and grow my business.  I have kind of been hiding from actually getting the certification and taking on the full responsibility of the title.  Not anymore.  I want to expand my services, increase the quality of my products and see greater results for my clients.  It really is that simple.  I didn’t just stop at the ICF certification I am also adding an additional class NLP – Neuro Linguists Programming to my current training schedule.

I have been encouraged that ICF is the leading organization to work with when it comes to coaching training and so far I have been very impressed with what I am learning in the program.


The website and marketing side of my business continues to steadily grow and that is what the market tells me will continue to happen, adding in the coaching expands and improves those digital services.  I can now do even more for the business professionals I work with helping them to grow their business in even more ways.  It allows me to team up with them for greater results.


Here is an example.  I have a client that I built a workout/fitness website for, it had a monthly subscription, you got these great videos she did.  She did a great job and it was a nice website with some good traffic.  She is also a young mother and part-owner of a turkey farm. It’s been over eighteen months since we launched her fitness site and in that time her real focus and passion have risen to the surface.  She loves to share her passion for fitness, but more than that, she loves being a turkey farm owner.  That is the new focus of her website and branding.


Back to the coaching conversation, the reason I said “Officially” is because I have un-officially been doing this for years.  Something I have been calling coaching.  Through my training, I have come to realize it was really more consulting/coaching.  I will continue to do consulting, but I now have a clear understanding of the power and need for both and a boundary between the two.  I am seeing greater results in my clients when I use the coaching process with them and not the consulting.  I want to talk about the difference between the two because I think too many people just label themselves as a coach when they are really a consultant. (I would have to put myself in this bucket until recently and I am very sorry to the other coaches out there.)

What is a coach?

a coach is someone who helps you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them.


What is a consultant?

a person who provides expert advice professionally.


What is a teacher?

a person who teaches you how to do something.


What is a counselor or mental health professional?

a person trained to give guidance on personal, social, or psychological challenges and problems.


I want to point out the differences so that you know what services you might really need for a situation.  Also, I have found over the past ten plus years that many people use the term coaching to talk about all of these types of services and as a customer, it can be hard to differentiate and know what you are getting.  Because of this, I plan to make my process and services very clear for people to understand and use.

Key Coaching Focus Areas:

  • Coaching for Small Business Owners
  • Business Marketing Coaching
  • ADHD Coaching for College Students & Young Adults
  • ADHD Coaching for Professionals
  • Dyslexic Coaching for College Students & Young Adults
  • Dyslexic Coaching for Adults
  • Non-Traditional Women in the Labor Force Coaching

All of my coachings will be done virtually.  I already have clients from around the world and coast to coast.  It opens up a whole new set of opportunities for everyone.  To keep things really easy with all of those time zones on-line scheduling became a must  There have been so many exciting things happening since August and I am really looking forward to the new year and getting the word out about this new service.

As you are visiting with family and friends over the coming holiday season please have a wonderful time and if you should hear of a situation where I could be helpful, please pass along my name.  Heck, why wait, you could forward them this email right now.

Many thanks,





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