The Power of Superstition and Placebo

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Hi, I’m JoyGenea, international neurodiversity coach. This week I’m talking about the placebo effect. I have a really fabulous article if you want to check it out on my website, otherwise I am summarizing a little bit here.

The placebo effect is a phenomenon where a person’s belief in a process or treatment even if it is an inert substance– that is the treatment part, you have probably heard about it when they are testing medications, some people have the placebo so it has nothing in it, it is a sugar tablet more or less, and they wind up having great outcomes– the power of the mind, that is the placebo effect. It can lead to powerful outcomes and positive ones. This suggests the power of the mind and its potential to influence our health and well-being.

As a coach that also plays into some of the conversations that I’m having with people, particularly around neurodiversities. A lot of times the conversation for people who are autistic, have ADHD, and diagnosed and labeled with that or have dyslexia, struggle with spelling, reading, those types of things, they have been told for so long that they can’t do certain things, that this is always going to be a challenge, this is always going to be hard. One of the great things I get to bring to the conversation that works kind of in that placebo effect manner, is talking about the fact that those are not forever types of things or they’re maybe not as extreme as they feel like they are, and bringing that into the conversation so that it can expand in their life and actually create amazing incredible results, positive results for people, so while coaching obviously is not a placebo there are some interesting connections, and I wanted to talk about that. Positive expectations, that is what I was talking about. Coaching helps individuals build confidence in their ability to improve, creating a belief in the coaching process and themselves– that is the key part, having belief in yourself and your strengths. Super important. Focus and motivation- one of the key things when I am coaching and working with people is getting, harnessing, and finding that focus and that motivation. Lots of focus sometimes, particularly in my ADHD group, they can get super hyper-focused but are we focusing on the right thing that motivates and moves the needle? Getting that working for us, and that can be important and also that mind-shift. Effective coaching can lead to positive mind shifts and promoting self advocacy and fostering belief in process as possible. So, what I am saying is, the placebo effect can be really helpful when used properly for that neurodiverse mind to help move itself forward to help let go of some of those past beliefs and to create an amazing, incredible future, because that is really really possible, just maybe potentially not enough people in your life have been telling you that so I want to be telling you that. Trust me, an amazing incredible life lies ahead of you, when you stop fighting with life in so many of these manners and start to really get your strengths and get in that zone.

I’m JoyGenea, great chatting with you. Thank you and have an awesome day.

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