Time Blindness-Part 2- Dyschronometria part of the brain- Neurodiversity Moment with JoyGenea

In the back near the spine is a part of the brain that figures out time. If it is off or doesn’t communicate like it should, you could have time blindness

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Welcome to part two in our little series. So today I wanna focus a little bit more on dyschronometria which is an actual name of a condition of the cerebral dysfunction in which an individual cannot accurately estimate the amount of time that has passed. So, last time we talked about some of the common symptoms. This time I really want to talk about the fact that we need to educate people about the fact that this is a real mental condition. This is a real part of potentially your world. If you have time blindness this is a real part of your world. You aren’t intentionally setting out to be late for things. You’re not intentionally trying to show up at meetings late and pushing things back. You’re not intentionally trying to have your projects turned in late. It is not your intention by any means that it is the result of what happens, and there is some ownership about that and that’s a conversation we’re gonna continue to have. As you know more you need to do better and communicate better. That’s kind of a rule in my coaching world.

So, another thing though that I wanted to talk about the time blindness, is a lot of times I try and compare it to people about being colorblind. No matter how hard a person might try, they still are not able to see those colors that they are blind to. Time blindness is also like that, I cannot create in any way the ability for you to feel how 10 minutes feels as that time passes, and for those people that have that ability– they have no idea what it feels like to not feel that way. And we have to also be a little thankful for time blindness and the fact that it has given us so much art and so much science actually, because people become so focused and lose such track of time that they really really get enveloped in something. So, time blindness actually has its gifts and its right place to happen and it also has other locations where it is absolutely useless and harmful to the people around us and ourselves. So, this has been a time blindness moment from JoyGenea– your neurodiversity coach for adults, specializing in dyslexia. Thanks for our educational moment.


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