If Mother Nature Can Do It Why Can’t We?

I love fall, the crisp fall air, the fresh smell of the leaves that have fallen to the ground.  This fall as I was driving around Central Minnesota from one client to the next I was noticing all the trees showing off their beautiful colors.  Then I realized, trees are a great example of organizing. 

Story from Transition Organizing Client

Assisting a writer has its perks.  Mary MacDonell Belisle put pen to paper to express her experience in helping her mother make another move.  Thank you Mary for the permission to share this. Organizer JoyGenea Schumer Furnstahl pumped, primed for moving projects JoyGenea Schumer Furnstahl is EXCITED about projects I dread. One of those projects

Who moved that?! $*#@^!!

Ok, I’ll just come right out and ask: On a scale from 1 to 10, ten being not at all, how well do you adapt to change?  I used to be an 8, maybe 9 kind of person. Change scared the heck out of me.  I liked to be in control of what was going

Goals and Actions-Bugs Between Your Teeth

I don’t know about everyone else, but once a year in early January I write out my goals for life, for the coming year, sometimes many years. I like to see where I want to take my life and to make sure that should an opportunity arise, I don’t miss it because I didn’t recognize

Would you marry an organizer? Think about it.

It started out as a normal Saturday. We had obligations later in the day, but we are able to take it slow in the morning. So my husband heads off to the gym on his Goldwing and I hit the gerbil track at home (my term for the treadmill). While I am on the treadmill,

Planning to Prevent Failure

“Planning to Prevent Failure” Jeffrey J. Fox page 68 of How to Become a Rainmaker That is all organizing is, planning to prevent failure.  Trying to stay on top of my reading for the book club is not always easy.  I seem to give away that time to eating, finishing a work project or driving

Mushroom Photo – for a friend

This whole post is for Susan Saetre.  I had a chance to introduce her to pinterest last week.  Since she is in the business of healthy mushrooms with her website www.prohealthspot.com, which has this coffee that is a mix of organic coffee and medical mushrooms.  Not being a coffee drinker I can not make an

NEW Thrift Store – Healing Journey

Recycling just got easier. I noticed a new thrift store opening in St. Cloud. Healing Journey thrift store for Quite Oaks over by the school of business. I am so excited to finally see a good amount options and locations to donate stuff in the area. Some of my clients used to express that they

Children of hoarders- you are not alone

As the Holiday’s approach it is not uncommon for me to receive calls from people worried about their parents and the vast amount of stuff that is taking over the house that their parents live in. I really dislike the term hoarder.  I have coined my own term Acquisition Expert (TM).  Lots of items are