Where Does The Time Go?

“Understanding is deeper than knowledge.  There are many people who know, but very few who understand.” ~ Nicholas Cage Where does the time go? How I have been dreaming of retirement, so I don’t feel so stressed, exhausted and like a failure.

The Brief History of Literacy in America with Infographic

Understanding the history of literacy in America helps to understand why scientists and neurologists started to study “reading blindness” and understanding it more.  As you can see from the infographic they start to explore dyslexia not long after they start collecting reading habits. The Brief History of Literacy in America The ability to read a

The History of Dyslexia in America with Infographic

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to dyslexia in adults is how little they actually know about it and how scientists/neurologists continue to learn more as technology advances. For many of adults, when they were attending grade school, middle school or high school, the educational system knew very

The Power of Acknowledgement

“The acknowledgement of a single possibility can change everything.”  Aberjhani Sometimes the most powerful tool in your toolbox is acknowledgement.  This weekend for a couple of days I had the chance to be part of an annual leadership retreat.  The main goal of the retreat was to do anything BUT work.  Something that is creative

Time Blindness and Dyslexia the quick overview and infographic

Time blindness and dyslexia are no uncommon.  I recently wrote in detail about it.  DYSLEXIA & TIME BLINDNESS – HOW BEING DYSLEXIC CAN ALSO MEAN YOU HAVE A BLINDNESS TO TIME (DYSCHRONOMETRIA) If you are anything like me though, you enjoy a good infographic with the details simplified.  This page is for us. Here is a

4 Time Blind People Have A Meeting

The meeting is scheduled for Sunday at 9:00 am. I jump on Zoom and crickets for 5…6…7…8…minutes.  So, I called.  No one at that house had looked at their email or chat and they didn’t put it on a calendar when it was set, so they did not really know what time it would be

How To Build Grit and Determination

I am reading a book this month called “Grit, The Power Of Passion And Perseverance”, by Angela Duckworth.  I am so connecting to her study results and the outcomes she is proving about people.   A couple of times a year, the book that I read is so good and applies to so many of