Success Engineer for the Neurodiverse

I had a client email me the other day and ask me a really interesting question. They’d been going over my LinkedIn profile and they realized that I had this engineering degree and background and they asked if I missed being an engineer. And that really got me thinking for about all of five seconds

Are You Using Your Subconscious Mind Well?

The subconscious mind does so much that we don’t always give it credit for. Becoming more aware of and connected to your subconscious can have some great effects. Have you tried to get in touch with your subconscious?     Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. This week we’re talking about the conscious and

DTMM: Optimism and Fear

This different thinker motivational moment I encourage you to have optimism about the issues you are struggling with.  

DTMM: Self-Talk

It can feel hard to know how to say nice things to ourselves. For this Different Thinker Motivational Moment, I want to encourage you to start simple and not overthink it.  

DTMM: You Can Do It

This Different Thinker Motivational Moment, I want to remind you to always remember, you are amazing!  

Project Avoidance Creep

Project Avoidance Creep is a real thing! When it gets in your way of starting a project, ask for help breaking down the steps.   Transcription: Hey, JoyGenea here, international neurodiversity coach. Do you ever suffer from project anxiety creep? That is where you get handed a project, task, working on something, and before you

Project Avoidance Creep – The Lie of Anxiety

It is common for ADHD & Dyslexic brains. “This project is going to take FOREVER, I don’t have enough time to even start it now, I will just wait until later.” This is the great project anxiety lie that we tell ourselves. Most of the time you don’t even realize that you are saying this

DTMM: Stress and reclaiming your energy

This Different Thinker Motivation Moment reminds you that 99% of your fears causing stress will not come true. You can take back your energy! Where can you reclaim some of your energy today?