Communication Boundaries

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Communication Boundaries Part 7 The Seven Most Common Types of Boundaries


Hi, I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity Coach. We’re still talking boundaries and we’re talking about communication boundaries.

So, what’s really important to know about communication boundaries is that’s a thing. And it’s really interesting. I’ve noticed when people get into relationships like intimate of that nature moving towards something more long term somehow in those situations all the sudden those communication boundaries come out, what your expectations are for other people, what you’re providing in communication and then what other people are or are not providing in that communication.

So, communication boundaries the way you communicate with people or don’t, it includes phone calls, text messaging, e-mail, social media. I’m, it’s fascinating how often someone’s like, well, I saw them commenting a lot on social media, so I know they’re engaged, but they’re not engaging in me. That’s communication, whether it’s subtle or not. Talking, writing, audio includes the amount of time you spend on social media, phone calls, emailing and texting. So, communication boundaries. Fabulous work to take a moment and think about what are your boundaries with that? Where do you spend a lot of your time? How do you best like to communicate and how would you like other people to maybe cut back and not be over communicating with you? Maybe it’s too much for you. So again, as I’ve encouraged throughout this series, it’s all about communicating with the people in your life and closest to you. So and you need to understand your own boundaries, otherwise you get angry, mad and upset and that’s not fair. So communication is key.

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