Material Boundaries

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Material Boundaries Part 6 The Seven Most Common Types of Boundaries


Hi, I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity Coach and, material boundaries. We’re talking about some of that stuff.

So that is, think your personal belongings, your property, the things that you own. I have a great example. When I was a kid, I lived in a really small town and some of the neighborhood kids, when we first moved into town, if I would leave my bike sitting out, it would literally disappear and show up in another neighbor’s yard. And my dad and I would have to walk down and go get my bike. So, he put my name. He started putting my name on everything. It was quite hilarious. My clothes had my name on them, everything that sat outside like you could, my wagon, I remember everything had my name on it, but that’s that’s about material boundaries. That’s the most basic way I can explain that.

It’s when the kid walks across the toy box, you know the sandbox and grabs your toy, and you get upset. Like that’s material boundaries. But as we get older, there are other ones. Maybe you’re not going to share everything that you own. That would be a material boundary infraction. Maybe you want to share lots of things and that’s also fabulous. In the neurodiversity community, again, this is a boundary that should be talked about.

If I’ve touched a nerve or if it made you think of some really great stories for you, I’d love to hear about it. Also, do some exploration about material boundaries and ways to communicate with people about the fact that ohh that you know that doesn’t work for me if you try and use my toothbrush that’s like that’s material boundary I can’t handle.

So, take care of yourself and thanks.

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