Sexual Boundaries

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Sexual Boundaries Part 4 The Seven Most Common Types of boundaries


Hi, I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity Coach, and we’re talking about boundaries.

So, here’s a rather, what do I want to say? They’re a challenging one for me exactly to talk about out loud, but sexual boundaries shouldn’t be a challenge to have that conversation, really. There are boundaries when it comes to our sexuality. There are boundaries around what we want sexually. There’s boundaries other people have. I am not going to go massively into detail, but I am going to tell you that there are boundaries regarding personal consent. There are boundaries around personal desires. There are boundaries around privacy. Those are important conversations to be having and within any relationship, truly. Um, those are important conversations to have and it’s important to be aware of your personal boundaries, your space requirements, and what you are looking for, and accepting and what’s acceptable and knowing that of other people.

While it’s not the easiest conversation, it’s definitely something that lives within the neurodiverse community is miscommunication around sexual boundaries and so understanding that and having some good conversations amongst the important people in your life.

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