Intellectual Boundaries

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Intellectual Boundaries Part 5 The Seven Most Common Types of Boundaries


Hi, I’m JoyGenea, International Neurodiversity Coach.

We’re talking about boundaries and today we’re going to talk about intellectual boundaries. This is a boundary I can honestly say, until I like to put it in the list of the seven boundaries, I hadn’t really thought how often that boundary for me has really been crossed as far as other people’s perception of my intelligence and other and how other people have treated me because they’ve perceived my intelligence as not equal or less than or subpar to their intellect. It is nice hanging out with a lot more people as I’ve aged that do not do that, but when I was young and I could not control that in school systems, those kinds of things, it was definitely out there.

So intellectual boundaries, the way others accept and authenticate your thoughts, ideas and curiosities, so, it’s really important. Just as we’ve been talking about boundaries, it’s really important for you to understand that that feeling that you have when somebody says something, you’re like, wow, that didn’t feel like you have a right to that.

And that’s an opportunity for you to say, oh, I think they crossed a boundary. What was the boundary? And that’s that opportunity like Kim Scott talks about in her books about recognizing and deciding, is this a person worth having further communication with or is this somebody I don’t even like? I need to let that go because their opinion for me, doesn’t even matter and it’s not going to affect my life. They’re not going to prevent me from having access to the things that I deserve, need, and want or just, you know, possibly not allow me access to the things that I need, those that type of stuff.

So, intellectual boundaries.

Something to think about today.

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